Have a deeper understanding of the global online luxury market

Grey Market Monitoring


Finding your new, genuine products increasingly on unauthorised online marketplaces and websites?


Understand the extent of grey market exposure in respect with your top competitors, identify grey market feeders, and devise effective counter strategies to curb the parallel distribution.


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Pre-Owned Market Monitoring


Are you fully exploring the opportunities that the fast-growing world of luxury resale has to offer?


Capture a global overview of the online pre-owned market. Identify trends impacting the positioning, pricing, and partnership strategies in order to unlock hidden areas of opportunity.


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Competitive Intelligence


Amidst the heavy competition, do you stand in a favourable position? 
Is your product catalogue receiving the desired online visibility by wholesalers?


Determine your competitors’ standing and moves. 
Gain a clear picture of your brand’s online visibility to help you climb the competitive ladder.


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Intuitive dashboards with actionable data and insights

Exploratory data visualisation with various attributes, such as; overall market analysis, top-resellers, pricing gaps, customer demands, underlying trends focused on product, brand, or sector level.

Global Coverage
Periodical Reports

Operating Principles to ensure that you have a seamless experience with us

Our dedicated team of data scientists, analysts, and experts is eager to understand your needs, explore our service territories and accordingly develop a personalized solution.

  • Minimal Inputs

    We source all the information with the least possible requisites from you as we are here to ease your efforts and not augment it

  • Operable Dashbords

    A complete process flow to make sure you get the final analysis in a ready-to-use format leveraging our advanced Technology

  • Comprehensive Solutions

    The reports you receive are readily understandable, and the conclusion sought is easy to deduce for further interpretation

  • Continued Assistance

    Our solutions are revised as per your changing demands in real-time, so we stay in touch regularly and ensure that you are able to maximize your usability

Bringing our technological savoir-faire to luxury

Founded in 2012, Data&Data is specialised in the luxury sector from watches and leather goods to fragrances. We help key decision makers to understand the ever-changing dynamics of the global online market. This enables them to make more informed and effective strategies.

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