Making Luxury Data-Smart


Two Principal Pillars: Technology and Luxury

The Data&Data universe, which was created by experienced consultant Zouheir Guedri in 2012, has two principal pillars: Technology and Luxury. Within the tech sphere, Data&Data specialises in artificial intelligence and data analytics dedicated to ‘exclusive’ data collection, which can deliver value to brands. In the field of luxury, we take a hands-on approach informed by years of experience with luxury brands to understand the needs of businesses within the sector, in order to develop personalised solutions.

Data&Data was born at a time when the luxury industry was grappling with an avalanche of data and companies were clueless or hesitant to acknowledge the need of using advanced technology such as Big Data and Artificial Intelligence. We addressed this need of the moment by combining our expertise in Big ‘Data&Data’ Visualisation to offer dashboards that are easy to follow through and provide game-changing insights. 

Initially, the services were primarily focused on the luxury counterfeit market, but that has long been replaced and our scope of work has expanded over the years, led by the changing demands of our clientele.

With our keen eye on the mechanics of the luxury industry, Data&Data has been able to tailor its tech offering to function optimally for its clients, streamlining its technical expertise into accessible insights for leaders of the field. From management to KPIs, Data&Data knows what it takes to build a luxury brand, and its nuanced understanding is what makes the innovator a trusted partner to iconic brands within the luxury watchmaking, jewellery, perfumes, leather goods and accessories sectors of Europe. Indeed, in 2021, 60% of esteemed international watchmaking brands are now partnered with Data&Data.

Surely, the journey has been resourceful, thanks to the association with ‘Microsoft AI Factory’ and ‘LVMH Maison des Startups’ but the elixir of Data&Data’s success is made up of prioritizing clients’ needs, outdoing ourselves with the latest technology and nurturing a highly efficient team. 

Vision to design a data-strong future of luxury

Complemented with our CEO’s vision that “Innovation requires an appetite for risks and the zeal to overcome challenges”, our team is all set to explore new frontiers and design a data-strong future of luxury.