Unauthorised Market Exposure

Examine the presence of your brand on the grey market and develop effective counter-strategies to disrupt this troublesome activity

When authentic luxury goods are made available for sale through distribution practices that are legal, but not inclusive of the brand’s official authorised channels, we are looking at the obscured grey market of luxury, also known as ‘parallel import.’ 

As your consumer base gets more digital savvy, their temptation to land a great bargain guides them towards the online selling points that are offering genuine products at an incomparable price.  

It might not appear too alarming on the surface, but it can have serious repercussions in the long run, which many companies realised too late and are fighting against it; at the expense of losing valuable time, money and effort towards lost litigation claims. 

In addition to eating up your sales across official selling points and wholesale retailers, this rapidly increasing grey market creates obstructions in purchase of your products at full price as consumers get habituated to discounts and can significantly reduce your profit margins. An increased presence on the parallel market would mean devaluation of your brand image with high-end items being easily accessible, and increased chances of losing control over your customer relations as any unwelcome client experience during these grey transactions would tarnish the name for no fault of yours. 

Wouldn’t it be great if your luxury brand could identify these unauthorised sellers and be able to disrupt the parallel distribution of its prestige products? Our extensive AI-backed solutions will offer exactly that and more, with a detailed overview of the grey market, and a comprehensive analysis of your presence across the unauthorised sellers. 

Resale Market Trends & Insights

Capture trends on the resale market to determine key influential metrics that impact the current primary luxury retail market

The sale and purchase of used premium and luxury items, termed as secondary or second-hand luxury market, is expected to grow four times faster by 2021 than the primary luxury market (BCG report). The practice of luxury resale has always existed for more than a century and was treated as an ‘elephant in the room’ by major luxury brands. But it is not wise anymore to be unconcerned about something that is here to stay and is rather a part of the new sustainable future of the luxury industry. Being aware of your product’s demand, pricing and positioning in the secondary market can directly benefit your future strategies for the primary market. Not only that, it can also serve as a useful platform to brace up your sustainable brand values, authenticity, and communicate to a consumer group that is more than likely to boost your fresh sales. 

To make the most of this phenomenon, Data&Data provides you with an intelligent data-based solution that offers cumulative insights to understand the trends of the second-hand market, keep track of your products, avoid counterfeit product distribution and hence create a well-thought-out plan for your future product releases.

E-Visibility Competitive Analysis

Understand the visibility of your brand and products online across your wholesalers network to enhance your digital footprint

In an intensely combative environment of the luxury industry, with the outburst of digital selling points, it is complicated to capture the attention of relevant potential customers. As the word ‘competitive’ might suggest a reference to your immediate competitors in the same product category, the current dynamics demand to broaden our focus beyond that. If you wish to get a clear view of the bigger picture, it is important to keep an eye on the major players not only within but also across different luxury sectors. As it has been observed that certain trends can be oftentimes overlapping, and the measures taken by one could be somehow superimposed by other verticals of luxury, hence having a knowledge of these changes beforehand will provide you that competitive edge. But prior to all this, you also need to be aware of how your brand and products are perceived by your audience. Brands usually are too sure that their visibility across different online retailers matches their desirable levels, but most of the times the results can be surprising.

With Data&Data’s expertise, you can achieve this competitive intelligence by gauging your brand exposure across official websites and wholesale retail networks and mapping out the foreseeable trends and their evolution with real time personalised analysis to keep you one-step ahead.


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