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In 2016 the OECD announced that $461 Billion in international counterfeit products were sold in 2013. And, the Gray Market is not far behind.

We created Data&Data with the idea of developing solutions that serve as barriers to impede and stop the growth of counterfeit & gray markets for global brands.






Our solutions use artificial intelligence to enable companies to identify counterfeit & gray market product sales across a multitude of elaborating digital platforms. Stopping this competition enhances brand value, and allows our clients to develop digital marketing strategies safe from counterfeit & gray market sales interference.

As one of the first companies in our market we have built a solution based on artificial intelligence. Deep-Learning empowers our intelligent technology with functionalities similar to those of the human brain with its self-learning capabilities, permitting precision and speed in detection processing. Intuitive automatization structures engender finite analysis of images, video, & text, allowing our technology to uncover the smallest transformation of a data point.

The vital presence of our solutions equip clients with the power to not only combat the global threat of digital counterfeit & gray market product sales, but also serve as a system to evaluate the crucial strategic steps of new product and communication development.

What can Data&Data do for you?

"Be smarter, faster and more cost efficient than pirates and counterfeiters"

  • Engage

    Based on identified information, you may directly engage with an infringing digital property to signal owners or the authorities with a stroke of a button.

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  • Monitor

    Daily Reports, allow you to stay ahead of the market by digitally monitoring elements such as: variations in product sales, early notification of new e-vendors, sales fluctuations in non-markets, and much more.

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  • Identify

    Track & Pinpoint digital sales and purchases of your valued products across the Globe to identify counterfeit or unlicensed merchandising.

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Our Story
Data&Data is an award-winning intelligence technology company, created in 2012 to help international product designers to enforce and protect brand value. Their solutions have successfully assisted some of the most recognized global brands to develop strategies that disrupt the gray market, and significantly reduce counterfeit over the digital hemisphere. Data&Data is headquartered in Paris (France).

Our Mission
To offer accurate & qualitative technology solutions that serve as a channel to strengthen brand strategies & value; resulting in increased revenue.

Our Vision
We Protect. We believe in the creation of intelligent solutions that safeguard the craftsmanship, which embodies brand value.

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